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Jan 29, 2021

Dr. Steven Quay, MD, PhD, is a world renowned scientist, author, and entrepreneur, and CEO of Atossa Therapeutics. He joins us today to discuss the latest science on COVID 19, from vaccines, masks, new strains, and so much more.

His book, Stay Safe: A Physicians Guide to Survive Coronavirus, is out now!

Jan 13, 2021

A beautiful conversation with medical futurist Dr. Gayle Randall, MD, a board certified Internal, Integrative, and Functional Medicine doctor, and author of the forthcoming book - Soul Doctoring: Heal Yourself, Heal the Planet!

Her Instagram

Her Podcast: Soul Stories


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Jan 4, 2021

Diana Cole, author of Spirit Translator: Seven Truths for Creating Well-being, and Connecting with Spirit, joins us to talk about her book, some of the truths within, what it means to talk with spirits, and so much more - a very good conversation!

Check out her Instagram!


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